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Nasiri has an extensive collection of remarkably beautiful and luxurious decorative, modern, antique and flatweave rugs.

Each rug in our various collections is woven on a loom with many different types of finely knotted complex knots and strong lustrous wool. Using different and various color wool is imperative for the texture and feel of the rug. It is important to know which warp and weft to use, whether it be thick or thin. The wool makes the design with each knot. Although a time-consuming process, the results warrant this traditional approach to carpet making. 

The colors are rich and vibrant and the wool is of high quality. The wool is Persian, hand-carded and dyed. Nasiri practices low impact manufacturing processes while designing the most beautiful carpets. Nasiri Carpets' subtle palette is a product of all natural dyes taken from regional plants and minerals.

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