Carding is the process of teasing and straightening the jumbled fibers of raw wool by hand. The carded wool or other fibers are then spun into yarn. Spinners are able to produce yarn at various thicknesses to create rugs with higher or lower knot counts. The yarns are then dyed and left to dry naturally in the sun. The most important person in the dyeing process is the Dye Master. He is responsible for matching the colors and preparing the dyes. Each dye takes about a day to create. Once the dyed yarns have dried, they are collected and wound into balls ready to be taken to the loom. A hand painted plan of the design sits behind the loom for the weavers to follow. It specifies the color and position of every knot.

The weaving is carried out by skilled craftsmen working in synchronization on the loom. The majority of our rugs are made in which the yarn is knotted around the vertical warp threads and a metal rod. The higher the knot count, the finer the rug. Handloom rugs are made on a loom with a shuttle. Once the row is complete, the rod is hammered tightly against the row below. The weaver then cuts the yarns along the rod, creating the pile.

The rugs are then thoroughly washed on both sides; water is squeezed through the pile with wooden paddles called ′pharwa′ and left to dry naturally in the sun. Once dry, the rug is laid flat and the pile cut neatly to the required height by hand. Clipping is another part of the finishing process; boundaries between different colors or pattern elements are carefully defined and differences in pile heights are smoothed. The final stage involves neatly wrapping the sides of the rug in a yarn that matches the design. The rug is then ready for its new home.



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